FLOOD Mitigation

"Flooding Issues are on the mind of every resident in District A. We as a community need to create mindful infrastructure plans that protect residents from reckless development. We shouldn’t have to live in fear when we have another storm like Harvey or a really hard rain like the Memorial Day Flood. If the community has shown proof that reckless development is not safe, then why do it?The needs and safety of the residents must come before the financial gain of those that would abuse the system When people take the time to research safe development practices I think as the District leader you should be open to what they are saying not ignore them for your own benefit I know there are plans of drainage projects in the works and currently being worked on, but it is not enough when we still have so many struggling to keep their families safe from future floods.

Spring Branch Resident

I am hear to listen to the community and to make sure they will not be forced out of there homes in case of another hard rain or hurricane.


Infrastructure (Roads)

As long as I can remember streets in Houston have been lacking . A lot of areas have improved their streets, but others have been neglected. Too often this falls hardest on communities of poverty. I can drive down Antoine Drive and it is up and down from end to end. Tanner road which is often used by commercial vehicles is also filled with holes, uneven spots, potholes from Campbell Rd to the Beltway 8. I could go on and on about some of the streets in District A, I know you probably can too. District appropriations need to be used to fix the roads permanently not "temporarily". As a Bus Driver I can relate to having a rough ride during our commute. I want to help save families money and time by fixing our roads not patching them . I am looking forward to speaking with residents to see where streets in most urgent need of repair are located and to see how WE can work on making our streets better for safer travel.

The image is the most recent truck accident off of Tanner Rd in between Campbell Rd and Gessner Rd

Carverdale Resident

Public Safety/ Citizen Review Board

I would like to create a Citizen Review Board so every member in the community feels protected. This would be a 13 member board consisting of City Attorney, Inspector General, a member from the Police Dept, member from City Council and the remaining members would be from the community who are registered voters( that can speak to the core issues from their area) The goal would be to help reduce police brutality and to reassure the people of this city that Human Life Matters. We need to bridge the gap between HDP/ Harris County Police and the community. We will not be able to work separately we have to work together. The community and the police need to work together to build confidence and trust in the ability of our police force to protect our streets while making sure those that violate their duty are held accountable.



As you can see with all the turmoil going on with City Council today you know all is not right. We need to have people that represent the city who can demonstrate financial responsibility. We need to go back and look at the monies being spent to make sure our community is getting the best service as they should be. The city needs to be fully transparent where every dollar is being spent and should have to make sure that bidding process for all contracts remain ethical. We have to be mindful of how we present issues and how we evaluate issues and how we solve issues so it doesn't look like there is bias on the council. No council member should vote on contracts to their political donors.